Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Man Law. Rule 1.

The first rule of Man Law is thus:
Any man that is in a relationship, and is found by The Brethren to be falling into the sin of "cuteness" has only three options.

I. He must give up the relationship immediately, this is the easiest of the three choices.

II. He must, either willingly or by force, give up his man card, his badge and all other MAN certified equipment (including, but not limited to: Testicles, chest hair, knowledge about cars, any and all power tools). An addendum to option II is the proper means of acquiring the testicles of an unwilling offender. They must be removed. By any means necessary. The preferred method is a stealthy night mission involving chloroform and a hack-saw. Once removal has been achieved, the testicles should be preserved in some manner and put on display as an everlasting monument to the brave man who gave it all away... (this blogger suggests bronzing them and putting them on a plaque like a pair of deer antlers, see picture at bottom of post for other helpful suggestions)

III. The final option is ritual suicide, to be performed at a full moon when the night is brightest.